Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Demise of "Is"

I finally realized something the other day. CFHS English teachers killed my fun. Now, you might ask, "Why's that Clare? They gave you a ridiculously great education to a degree that most other high schoolers would kill for, especially when entering college and they realize they are screwed..." But its still true. I'm not sure which one of my glorious literary sunbeams it was, I've got it narrowed down to Timmins and Martin, but Martin is nowhere to be found on the interweb, so these two mug shots will have to do.

When writing papers, we were only allowed to have the words "is" or "be" twice on each printed page. All of the other sentences had to have other verbs. And it shines through when I write my facebook status. Writing "Clare is...." DRIVES ME INSANE. I will sit and think until I can phrase it some other way, or if I can't, I most of the time don't bother writing it.

That is incredibly messed up.

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Lia Plakke said...

hahahahahaha, perfect. but really those were the best 2 english teachers... just think.. macbeth and pickle jars. hmmm.