Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last little bit of gradjumatation.

My bad. I meant to post this last week and just never got around to it. I think I was too busy trying to have free time after a solid four days of go go go! The photos are pretty self explanatory. My brother graduated. Ceremony and all! Crazy. It was super nice to have commencement in the McLeod Center as opposed to the Dome where mine was. I was surprised at how fast the actual ceremony took, despite the 333 kids graduation. Afterwards, a few family photos outside (of course, the High School Graduate still needs his Mommy's help)
Other people took our picture, but really, I just take the best photos myself ;)

And for some reason, I just really like this one.

We had cake at my parents house, and later there was lasagna, but I gladly stuck to left over graduation rolls. Something about Open House bread. Deliciously naughty.

We headed off pretty quickly after, to make it up to Minneapolis that night. Caught a lovely late showing of Angels & Demons (much better than the first movie) and crashed. The next morning was lackadaisical. Breakfast that we brought, hit up IKEA, almost bought a table, didn't think it would fit in the car (and we CERTAINLY did not want a recreation of the time the art wouldn't fit in the car) and then headed to the Red Sox/Twins game.

I was not aware that the Twins stadium was indoors. Here it was, Memorial Day, gorgeous, mid 70s, super sunny, and I was stuck inside of an indoor baseball stadium that was freezing cold (I had Tim's jersey on my legs, my bag on my arms and was still shaking) watching baseball. This was my view, note the lack of beautiful blue sky.
But with the help of my current reading book, the Kevin Smith diary, I was at least somewhat entertained for the game.

Then off to home! Ending a very long weekend. But yes, my brother really did earn a diploma. Major plus.


Linds said...

Dome commencement is still MUCH better than the West Gym like we had...

Clare said...

Aw man, I filmed that one year. And I am pretty sure I lost 4 or 5 pounds in sweat during the ceremony. Gross.