Monday, June 22, 2009

Prescription for Travel Bug Bite?

The travel bug has struck again! I am headed to Los Angeles in September, and maybe, just maybe *fingers crossed* to Peru in October, so traveling has been on the brain recently. I did quite a bit of Los Angeles research today, as Becca posted an awesome list of things that we might be doing that weekend, and it just makes me want to go out and see a million things that I have never seen or done before.

I blame my jet set family! In the good way of course. My mom and I hit Chile when I was in the 7th grade (South America seems to be the locale for mother/daughter trips) but our first international vacay as a family wasn't until the summer before my freshman year of high school to the land of Deutschland. My parents lived there for a few years while my dad still worked for IBM and wanted to take the whole clan back to relive the memories.

We stayed with their friends for a few days when we first got there, friends that had three daughters. Its rather obnoxious and makes you hate American schooling when the girl half your age knows more Latin than you do of German. She chose Latin before English, and I already barely got along with people younger than me, so let's just assume that those communications and relationships were very limited.

The trip was amazing though. We did Germany, Austria, and a brief jaunt into Lichtenstein over the three weeks we were there. I kept a journal on my palm pilot. Only to realize that when your palm pilot runs out of batteries, it loses all of the information on it. Yup, less than awesome. But I have moments that will always stick out in my head. Our time at the Wirths is pretty clear, as well as the Salt Mines in Austria.

My favorite by far was the Eagles Nest (Hitler's secret mountain top bunker, see above) It was gorgeous up there. We also saw Auschwitz, Neuschwanstein, Insbruck, and Munich.

While we were in Berlin, it was the same time as the Love Parade (move over Boston, Love Parade wins in the Gay Pride contest). We were in a shop buying a Love Parade shirt, as well as bright green shoelaces, when we were evacuated out of the back of the shop by the workers because of a bomb threat empty suitcase outside in the square. Crazy moment!

Abrupt end of post. Must resist urge to scratch travel bug bite better next time...

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