Thursday, June 25, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Sturgis Falls

One of my first Sturgis Falls....ever, with my mother, and rocking the Sturgis Falls tshirt (which USED to be cool, until they started being all boring)

I am caught in a complex this weekend. Usually, at this point, I am prancing around in a gleeful manner, wishing it was the weekend. Because I am a true CF-er in my love for Sturgis Falls. I look forward to it ALL YEAR, and I miss it when I am away and unable to attend the town's glorious celebration. From the talent show on opening night to the Craft Fair on Sunday afternoon, I love it. The parade is the best though, my mom, brother, and grandparents all together. My mom goes early with the chairs for a primo spot. Then we join her and eat bagels and drink OJ and coffee as we watch completely awful floats, but still love every second of it.

But this year, I don't know...I'm just not feeling it. I still plan on going, but there isn't that buzz, that vibe. Hopefully that will change by tomorrow!

Sidenote: It's the worst weekend of my father's life. He hates it. In fact, Mr. Family Man pretty much refuses to attend any event Sturgis related. It's amusing.

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