Saturday, June 20, 2009

He let me win at Yankee Doodle...

Oh daddy....You always put the rah rah in my sis boom bah!
Happy Father's Day to the man that:
-Read me at least one chapter a night before bed from the girliest of girl books for so many years
-Bought me anything I could ever want, just to see me happy to receive it
-During evening songs, would cheat at Yankee Doodle, but somehow still let me win
-Played the Oreo game and the pizza game for hours
-Took me to breakfast on spelling test days so we could practice over bagels
-Woke up extra early so we could get juice at the gas station before jazz band at 7am
-Gave me away at my wedding
-Takes his family to DisneyWorld every year, everyone, for the best week of all of our year
-Plays the game "how much stuff in your car can I play with and move" while riding shotgun
-Refuses to eat peas
-Loves cherry pie
-Knows the lifestyle of "Whatever you want dear"
-Knows when to let it go
-Knows when to keep pushing
-Makes a mean scrambled egg
-Cares about everyone, even the ones that drive us crazy
-Likes to talk in the voice of a 6 year old at LEAST once a week

-Took my kitty to the vet when she was hurt, no matter how much it cost
-Takes his son on baseball trips for that manly bonding
-Helps everyone out, only asking that they do the same for someone else
-No strings attached
-Loves the Chicago Cubs, despite how much they suck.
-Is like a little kid on Christmas morning
-Drives way too fast
-Is the most perfect daddy in all the world!


Puna said...

Hi Clare! You dad looks like a hoot!

Linds said...

Your dads the best!