Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do you risk a camera revolution for 3eb?

You know, I think I have determined a pet peeve of mine. I don't know if you can call it that, because really, its not something a single person can do, but still, I'm going to go with that terminology. This pet peeve involves concerts, shows, or pretty much any event that I might want to take pictures. I know I have no real purpose for taking pictures of whatever band or comedian, especially from the seats that I usually barely pay for, but I like taking pictures, so any event I can, I do. A problem with this comes in the fact that nowadays, cameras and phones are so high tech and crazy that they are being banned from said concerts. Fine, ban me, take it away or send me back to the car.

Heres my issue, there is no real way to tell if you are going to get a camera in or not. Some places say won't tell you if its allowed or not, and therein lies the issue of if you want to try and get one in. If its a big event, and you've been waiting in line, going back to the car or all the way back to the apartment (for those boston days) is not an option. Neither is leaving it in an unattended box for the world to steal. So, do you try to get it through? For those outfits without pockets easily hidden, where do you put it? Do you risk it and then find that you go through metal detectors? And if you don't take the chance, and then find that you could have easily gotten it in, then you are aggravated with yourself for being a total pansy and not risking a camera revolution!

Anyways. Two nights ago I had the same old debate with myself when going to see Third Eye Blind at ValAir Ballroom. I gave in to chicken syndrome and left it in the car. Walked straight through security, not even a pat down! Ugh. The crowd was so light too, I could have gotten some awesome pictures of my blast from the past, but alas, my fuzzy crappy camera phone was all I had. I suck.

However, Third Eye Blind, very much does NOT suck. And they made the drive down and back in the same night all while sick, very very worth it. All the classics, all the hits, a few new pieces. Despite the light crowd, it was a GREAT crowd. It's been six years since they came out with an album, and when they played a random song off their very first cd (not a single from the radio), I swear every person in that room knew every single word. It was beautiful. One of their best too. Motorcycle Drive By. Learn it. Love it. And then go hear Stephen Jenkins sing it with several hundred other voices. Glorious.

Ok, I'm out for a few days. The fam has Cubs tickets in Cincinnati. So away we go. Have I been home over the weekend since April? I don't think so....

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DeMo said...

It's always nice to be one of the people who knows the words to every song. I don't go to enough big name concerts (no $$) to experience this much anymore, but there is a small band that plays often in a local bar here and I'm determined to be "that girl" that knows all the words to their songs. :)