Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh happy day! :)

Yesterday was a good day. Like, one of those good days that good things just keep on coming. It started off subtle, and by the end, I was like, man, good day :)

8am: Woke up almost misery free for a good 3.5 mile run before work.

1pm: A rare popcorn lunch at the office

9-3: An oddly fast and nice day at work

3-5: Nice followup run. 5.5 miles

5:30: Extra relaxing yoga.

Here's where it gets good...

7pm: PURCHASE FLIGHTS TO L.A.!!!! Where I will get to see these lovely lovely ladies. Good times will be had.


Found out that my recently graduated brother finally got a job! Dish room at Montage, but hey, it pays!

8pm: Drive the town and countryside with the convertible top down, enjoying the breeze. Also, discovering these crazy parachute hovercraft things outside of town.

9pm: Visiting my parents

10pm: Hearing a bit about Matt's trip while watching DaVinci code and FINALLY putting away laundry

Midnight: Scrubbing away at the shower, which sounds miserable, but its so nice to cross that off my list!

Ok, so most of its little stuff, but still. I like days like this. Let's do it again today!

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