Saturday, May 23, 2009

Night One of Graduation Weekend!!

My brother graduates from High School this weekend. Yes, somehow they are letting him on to the real world...but he turned out to be a pretty decent kid. Loves working out, loves hanging out with his girlie girl, and is just a nice guy all around.

But as much as this weekend is about him, its not. Its about the massive gathering of everyone he has ever known. My parents have been preparing the house on weekends for the past two months, and for the past two weeks its been a daily task list. But the time is finally here! The preparing has ended and the festive itinerary has begun.

Tonight we were joined by Chris' girlfriend, as well as the first of my dad's relatives, one of his sister's and her husband, who are hilariously loud and know how to have a good time. So after a delicious Brown Bottle dinner on the patio, what else is there to do but Apples to Apples!

Here's the newcomers Aunt Carol and Uncle Michael!

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