Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can I get a muscle in the hizzy?

Could it be any more gloomy and dreary today? My body is totally channeling the weather and cannot seem to be anymore bored or blah than it is now. But that's still a step up from my body last Friday.

As I said last post, I just started working with a personal trainer. The goal was to figure out why my current diet and workout routines were not doing anything helpful, if not in fact hindering my body. With a side plus of learning some new stuff to work on my arms and legs. A daily plan perhaps. It hasn't quite worked out like that though. At all.

The first session was testing, to see where I was at. With Carissa's classes, I more than outshone all of the tests with the exception of pushups which was totally expected. The second session was really just her watching me do a ridiculous and probably unhealthy amount of weight lifting. My blood pressure went so low at the end that my hearing went out for a few seconds (like when you yawn) and I thought I was going to puke. All of this is fine and dandy, except that doing this once a week for the 6 (maybe 12) weeks that I can afford isn't going to affect much.

Which is annoying. I need a plan! A schedule! Tell me what to do every day and I will do it. Don't just try to kill me in the weight room once a week and think that's going to change anything really.

She's also led me to believe that I have a ridiculously slow metabolism. Great. Thanks. That helps me a TON.

We shall see. Hopefully it morphs into a crazy awesome good thing. At least I like her. She's super nice and all, just not too into personalities. Its a, "I tell you to do this many and then I watch you do them" type relationship. Army 101.


kristyn said...

look up body for life ( get the book or read all about it on the website. matt & i started this last february and it has become our lifestyle over the last 15 months. i lost like 60 lbs and it's a completely manageable program. it tells you exactly what to do. and it works. and p.s. i had a really slow metabolism. if you have any questions about it let me know, we know alot about it :)

Anonymous said...

did you ever check out that info i gave you? i'm telling you...

Clare said...

Kristyn- I actually have the body for Life book, and Tim and I followed it for about 3 months. Thats actually the time where I gained the most weight, so unfortunately its not the plan for me. It seemed likea really good plan though, I am glad its working out for somebody! Thanks for the suggestion though.

Calais- I did check out that website. I didn't think that's me. The symptoms didn't really seem to fit, at least I didn't think so. I should give it another look.