Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kansas City ended.

Continuing on from the last post, where I so abruptly ended. I'll be honest, I was just sick of typing.

Not that I had much more to say really. After dinner we headed over to the Sprint Center for some lovely Dane Cook action. Tim got a killer parking spot on the street a mere two blocks away, which was good because once we got to the building, I learned I couldn't take my camera in (hence the no delicious Dane pictures) and had to take it back. ALTHOUGH, once inside, I saw a million and one people with their cameras had gotten in. This always frutrates me. It's like, really, why do they care so much if I take the guys picture? TMZ does it! Why can't I?

We crashed after the show and woke up super early on Sunday, hit up the BEST BREAKFAST PLACE ON THE PLANET and ate the most scrumptious strawberry banana crepes. I would have taken a picture, but I was so focused on consuming them, that it totally skipped my mind. Plus it was ungodly early. But oh! I found them online!

Then yada yada we drove home for 4 hours yada yada boring stuff, nothing exciting happened then, but who just ends a story like that? Apparently I do.

Out like trout.

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