Saturday, May 23, 2009

Isn't my brother lovely (Graduation Day Two)

I am one tuckered puppy right now, but tomorrow and Monday are going to be just as busy, so I want to continue on with the Graduation Festivies.

I at least got to start my morning with an hour long massage, which I offered up to my withered mother, but she refused (silly move woman, it was fabulous) and I was forced to get rubbed and scrubbed myself :) The morning was gloomy, not the kind of weather you want to plan for an outdoor open house. With Carol and Mike's help though, Mom and Dad were set up before we could even get over there, so we joined them for some late Panera breakfast. Got a nice 5.5 mile run in too before Open Housing it up Nordyke Style.

Full decorations complete with all sports schtuff and photo boards were in order, as were the mini cupcakes, barbecue sandwiches (BBQ theme) chips, coleslaw, and a rootbeer keg. It was a hoedown waiting to errupt. I was worried there might be a mandatory bandana dress code (phew!)
I swear I told a million and a half people what I am up to, what I'm doing, yada yada. But you know the one question that I just realized not a single soul asked? When are the kids coming? This is awesome! Maybe people have finally taken the hint. Anyways. Lots of people showed up, I knew most, not all, but enough to stay busy through the whole open house in between licking the frosting off numerous minicupcakes (I'm naughty, I know).

Friends from other states even came(See Barthelemy's here!), which was cool to catch up with everyone. The rest of dad's family flowed in from their prospective states. Carol and Mike from the night before (OH) Tom and his daughter Molly, and randomly one of his sons Patrick was playing a gig in Waterloo tonight (IL), John and his 3 kids (IL), and Margaret with her husband Scott and daughter Carly (WI).
Once most of the non relatives left, everyone finally got to chill out some more and chat, and Scott had even brought some lawn games that a few adults and most of the younger kids decided to try to whip each other's butts in. I kept on hearing the screams from my Uncle to his daughter ("Wait, which one of us is in softball?!")
Darkness came, as did the pizza and the clean up. By 930 I was ready for bed, but we stayed to listen to the utter insanity that was them playing Apples to Apples until 11ish, and finally I could take it no more and we headed home. Tim's asleep, fully dressed, shoes probably still on, and tomorrow is going to be just as busy...we must remember to breathe!

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