Monday, May 18, 2009

KC was the place to be!

Belated Birthday weekend 2009! I had bought Tim tickets to see Dane Cook for his birthday a few weeks ago, and so we were off to Kansas City this weekend to complete the gift! We left Friday evening after my training session and Tim got off work. But we didn't make it all the way to Kansas City, we paused in Des Moines for a heavenly fajita dinner at On the Border and to meet up with Travis and his girlfriend (who we had never met) for some pie. It was a quick catch up session, but good to finally meet the one we hear about so much. Plus, it was nice to get there by dark since the roads were wet with rain....and lots and lots of deer blood.

Sidenote: We stayed at a Marriott, which seemed nice, I've never stayed at a bad one, but this one had gross sheets. There were hairs, so we called to request new ones, and they were lippy about it! They didnt want to give us new sheets!! The did, but still. Gross.

After a bit of a sleep in and some yummy bagels on the road, we made it to Kansas City! The weather was gorgeous, a bit chilly, but the sun was beating down when we rolled up to the City Market. That's one thing I miss about big cities, fresh produce markets. I really like this one though, not just produce, but spices and nuts and seafood too. Seeing those bags of spices makes me wish I knew what to do with them all! I have a spice book, but haven't really been able to figure it out. The fruit all looked super delicious so we got some apples for ourselves, but also some HUGE scallion onion things for my mom and a bag of cherries for my father. AND THEN THE BEST PART....I FOUND BUBBLE TEA!
How glorious does this look?! Mango bubble tea with yummy orbs of chewiness at the bottom. How I missed you.

Dropped off the purchases at the hotel, checked in, ate our nummy Doubletree Hotel cookies (makes me think of Adriano) and went to the next heavenly location on the list. Whole Foods. It is virtually impossible to explain how happy going to a grocery store made me. So I won't even try. But we spent over an hour in the smallish Whole Foods and came out totally happy with ourselves. Tim made quite a few purchases, I was able to hold off all the crunchy granola urges. Ok, no more on the topic, I will start to drool.

Part of Tim's Kansas City Musts is to eat at Jack Stack Barbecue. Now, I like barbecue, but not all crazy like him and the other men in my life. But what I didn't expect at this place was that they would have such a delicious salad. Bed of spinach, strawberries, plain walnuts, and some feta. A picture is needed to document a very rare occasion that took place soon after said salad was served:
During dinner, we were informed of a less than fortunate event that happened as my brother and his girlfriend headed over to her prom. Now that its over and everyone is fine, its ok, but throughout dinner there were a few rather stressed phone calls made.

. . .


Linds said...

Was that the Planters Seed and Spice Company?

Clare said...

I would love to say yes, but I really have no idea, it was just set up on the L shaped sidewalk along the edge. There was only this guy, and then another long folding table on the other side of the L, so its probably likely.