Thursday, May 14, 2009

A-List C Sections? Really?!

Ok, I just have to share the COMPLETE idiocy of these people with the world.

Yesterday, at my abs class, there were two new girls. One had just had a baby and came with her friend (girlfriend?). Anyways. The one that hadn't just had a blob of flesh was complaining louder than anyone I had ever experienced in this class. Yes, its hard, and most people groan, grunt, and scoff occasionally. I still do and I have been going for two years.Alas, this girl would not shut up. Everything was "impossible" despite the fact that the rest of the class was close to or actually succeeding at said exercise.

Near the end of class, the girl mentions that at least her friend did not have a c-section because she wouldn't ever be able to get abs again because they cut all the way through the muscle yada yada yada. First off, duh, they have to cut all the way through the muscle, what, are they going to cut through half of the fibers and then have the baby apparate through the rest of them? Yeah, exactly. They have to cut through all of the muscle, kind of how it works. She went on to say that once its cut through its not really possible to get the muscle back.

Now, Im not going to argue that once someone has a c-section they can go right back to washboard abs, but her comment bothered me to a point where I mentioned that well, look at all the celebrity women that have c sections (most celebs opt for this method) and they go on to have rock hard abs. Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham for example.


She proceeded to explain to me and the class that celebrities get different c-sections than "regular people" She seriously believes that celebrity women pay their doctors to make the incision in a completely different location so that they can go back to having perfect abs. Seriously lady? Serious? A doctor is going to make the cut where it needs to go no matter how many episodes of Seinfeld or Greys Anatomy they have starred in. A doctor doesnt get paid more money to make the slit in a completely different location to get a baby out. I am pretty sure there is only one spot to make it and thats where it is going to be made.

Plus, what, instead of filling out a medical history form, you send in your reel and resume in order to determine how "celeb status" you actually are? Oh, sorry, you are a B-lister and therefore get the cut an inch lower than an A-lister? really only were on The Bachelor for a few episodes, so you have to get the "Regular" slice and dice.

She continued on and on about it and I finally gave up trying to argue how ludicrous of a thought it was, but man oh man.


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Anonymous said...

this cracked me up! c-section patient and all!