Monday, April 27, 2009

Brain Blurts.

-In two weeks I have eaten all but the feet and butt of a one pound chocolate bunny. And sadly, I am surprised it lasted this long.

-I ran over 32 miles over the past four days without the boys here. This pleases me.

-I also ended up sleeping at my parents house this weekend. I am convinced my felines can see things that humans cant, and their freak out at the invisible at 1am was a little too much to handle.

-Friday was a million degrees humidity, but I will take that over this stupid cold rain any day. Although I really enjoy thunderstorms. Rain helps me sleep deeper.

-I wish our washing machine would work. That would be swell. I need workout socks. CLEAN ones.

-I had a dream last night that my dad bought me a RIDICULOUS mansion that was 20 minutes from the closest town. I proceeded to be sad (in the dream) that it would take over an hour (math was not my forte in the dream) to go buy milk at the store.

-I really really need a trip to Boston. Even if its just for a long weekend. Meg walks to work, and I long to walk downtown. Anywhere downtown or Cambridge.

-Its taken me less than a week to watch the entire first season Veronica Mars. Does this make me pathetic?

-Nessa saw a black and white kitty in the back yard tonight and has been looking intently for her ever since. She needs a sister.

-I made chicken kiev for dinner tonight, I havent had that in years. Yum.

-The kitties really missed Tim while he was gone. Although I think they really just missed having someone else to whore themselves out to.

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