Friday, April 3, 2009

East to West, They're the Best.

On the same day, I got two AWESOME pieces of mail. From two of my favorite people. One far to the west, one far to the east. Both in better cities than I, where they dont have to await sweet pieces of mail like this....

So, like most of the female population, Becca and I might have slight Edward Cullen fascination. She was lucky enough to visit Forks a few weeks ago. And when I opened this parcel (note the random footprint across the whole envelope) I pranced with glee at a Edward Cullen card AND Twilight bracelet. Oh yes. Complete vampire awesome.

Oh Meg. The best part of this, is that when you meet Meg, she is the sweetest, cutest, seemingly innocent and quaint. As if the word boobie would have her blushing like nun at a poker game. And then Meg breaks out! Bam! Syphilis in the mailbox. Via a duckling. Come on, how hilarious is that?!

1 comment:

Meg said...

There's more where that came from!

Also, boobies don't make me blush!