Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sun + Taxes = Confusion!

In honor of this gorgeous sunny day (FINALLY!!) and the stress of tax day on my father (poor thing) I put forth into the interweb a similar day in weather and complete opposite day in stress for the patriarch of the Nordyke clan!

No really guys...I would make a really good moose.....

Hoping to win the staredown and get some of them Lucky Charms!

Giving Christopher the "support" he needs....

I'm going to meet Willy Wonka!!! Oh wait, thats not what this golden ticket means?

I have to push her WHERE?!?!

He sure loves shopping with my mother....can't you tell?

A little bit of boy time, interrupted by some crazy lady!

Now quit reading and go enjoy the weather!!!! Crazy people....looking at the internet with this day of sun.....

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