Saturday, April 4, 2009

Homebodies aren't Nobodies!

Ok, so this isn't my actual living room, but it looks comfy! I totally wouldn't mind if it was my haven of comfort and solace. I spend a lot of time in my living room. We have a nice plushy couch, decent size tv, complete with tivo. Its only a stone's throw away to the kitchen, what more could a person want from a living room. Besides two adorable cuddly kitties of course, which I happen to also enjoy.

It's Saturday night, 10pm. Prime time for bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and house parties. Alas, I am perfectly content right here on this couch. Im not a couch potato, I run every day, I go to the rec center four days a week. Don't think Im a total Oprah and bon bons kind of gal. But theres just something about it. I like my friends. I like having them come over, or going out every once in awhile. But in Cedar Falls, there isnt much to do. No movies start after 9:30, the only other option is bars and Perkins. I have spent enough hours at Perkins and Village Inn, my tank is full of 1am coffee. I just don't need to do it anymore.

If a group of friends drops into town and wants to get together, I am onboard 100%. TV off, out the door in a heartbeat. But I just dont need to do the same bar, the same table, the same waitress every weekend anymore. It's not fun. Staring at eachother. I don't get drunk (until the day they invent calorie free shots), so whats the point?

I like my home. I like to play Scrabble. Come on by. Ill make a dessert. Ill pop in a movie. We can talk all night long. But I would rather not have to do it screaming over the music and chants of the sorority bachelorette party trying to get my guy friends to waste money on them. Just stop honey, no one wants to be lei'ed by you, give it up.

I like my couch.


DeMo said...

I'll be a homebody with you! I'm not so much into volunteering for the clubs either.

Jenn said...

So totally with you on this one!
I can't remember the last time I went 'out' on a Friday or Saturday evening...luckilly I have a group of friends who all enjoy the things I do...a long bike ride followed by an early dinner at one of our homes...does this mean we are old...or cool?