Monday, April 13, 2009

Diva da Bunny

Somehow the once a month picture is still going's April, plus grandparents and uncle. This was actually the first attempt, surprising considering all of the components involved.

Overall, the holiday went well. The night before, we hunkered down and tried to learn Apples to Apples. And let's face it, my family should never play this game around other people. Someone might get the wrong idea when my father plays Hiroshima Bombing to the adjective, Neat. And that wasn't even a rare went downhill from there....

After giving up chocolate for Lent, I told my mother to load me up with the biggest chocolate bunny she could find. This went awry in two ways. One, three days before Easter, we bought candy for Easter baskets, and my 40 day chocolateless spree had a complete downfall. Two, my mother took my words to heart and bought me two bunnies each over a pound of chocolate, plus a chocolate cross, AND other assorted chocolate candies. Lord, Im gonna be fat! Here is Diva da Bunny:

Yesterday, after we got home, I was looking out our side door across the vast gross brownness, and POP! Bright yellow caught my eye. Somehow, in the middle of brown, matted, dead, rotting grasses....was this beautiful bunch of flowers...there is hope for spring....*fingers crossed*

Ok, this should count as spring, and tomorrow, summer can start!

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