Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yoga 300 level Teacher Training First Night and Full Day.

Day one.
So we have a group of 19. Eight of them were in my training, two were in Nates. Another has a PHD in bio physics and looks exactly like a slightly Asian Conrad. But the moves, and has the body of a Chinese gymnast. Drop back backbend, full front splits, both legs, insane. Most if not all of my favorites from my 200 are here. Lisa, Wendy, Angie. The two from Nates were in the immersion, so I know and like both of them. Tiffany is a hardcore Jewish mom with an EXTREME baby voice. Another girl is there because her boyfriend Matthew is James' assistant. I miss Ann. He looks like a mangled version of the bad guy from the Mummy. He's just a little too eager and worshippy to James. His girlfriend is very bendy, but Nate explained her perfectly, she's like a chihuahua, huge eyes and NO ONE upstairs. 

The first night was an intro into Adamantine and the course. Beginning the constant question of, "Are we going to be allowed to teach this or not?" We have no idea, there's talk of a 30 day, $10,000 course and mentor ship to become authorized, but he speaks to us in specific words that make us feel like a vast majority of us will be teaching it someday. It doesn't add up.

First full day was basically working through all the poses of the sequence. Through the standing series, the opening, and beginning the seated series. Work shopping all the poses, and learning his to adjust other people in them. I'd say 3/4 of the class has a GSP practice already and knows it. The other quarter has never seen it before and is clueless. So I'm at the top of that quarter that I have at least seen the whole thing and attempted it a few times. A d the way he's going about it this time is more my style of understanding, so I'm picking it up a lot easier than last time. But still struggling enough to still be very much in the newbie camp. It also doesn't help that my body is so used to yoga in the heat right now, so doing all the poses completely cold, is sore and painful.

It's getting a little easier to be open to it as I start to get it down (exactly as I expected) but the thought has come to mind. James is very against any cross training. Running is evil. Cardio is the devil, etc. but he spent the first 30 years of his life in EXTREME physical form. Marines then a personal trainer, so his body wants to naturally stay like that. So he can get away with this being his only fitness (along with raw diet). But the rest of us didn't live like that. Our bodies didn't start like that. Getting to that form with only Adamantine would not only be virtually impossible for most, but even more so to maintain. And since hes only three years in, he doesn't have that long term proof yet. So if he honestly disagrees with that it is just in denial, I have no idea.

Fun fact: Christopher Walken was a lion tamer as a youth. 

We got to work on handstands, so that was fun. I'm getting better every time, but without the assist in the GSP setting to work on it, I have no way to continue to get better on a regular basis, making it exponentially harder. Walls don't work.

Speaking of. In one full day, here's the list of things K does wrong that was directly pointed out ;this isn't including everything sequentially)
- Never roll up to standing, doesn't improve back strength
- Upward dog should never be done until cobra is mastered
- Handstands are not to be learned on a wall, you'll never move away from them

Night class was short, not so sweet. It was on ritual. Some really cool readings on living life to the fullest like every moment is your last. But then ended by going through a death visualization. Not such a happy ender

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