Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day Three: 300 level Yoga Teacher Training

The first morning session was only GSP, and spanned out so it would be scattered. 9:30 was the latest time to come. We got there at 9:05 and were the last ones. And it was packed. Playing follow the leader was out of the question and it was totally going to be a on my own for the first time thing. And only my second time ever doing the second half, and even the first was following Nates practice. Time to see how remedial I am! 

Such a tiny room being so packed, it was HOT. And nowhere near hot yoga hot, but yet I honestly think I sweat more in that 45 minute practice than I normally do in all of teaching. I felt bad for Matthew every time he slid down my arm in assists or adjustments. 

But it went amazingly well. Afterward James definitely said it was my best time (of all my dozen partial attempts). Standing sequence was glitch free other than James trying to slow my pacing. But there's no surprise to me in my own quick movements. 

By the seated series, I had a few pauses on what to do next (more so the transition on how to get there) but soon into it, James comes up in my sun salutation and tells me to go. Meaning handstand. Thrown off guard, it sucked. And so were the rest of the 6-7 attempts through the rest of class. But I just wasn't mentally ready for him to give such a challenge to me on my first solo round out. 

I was the last one done. But other than the comment on being my best one, he mentioned to Matthew that he thinks he's finally "getting me." That he thinks I'm on the verge of coming on to this. Which was amusing since right before, he was out of the room, and I had JUST told Matthew about how of everyone in the class, I probably was the strongest adverse reaction to Adamantine. 

And it's all true. I've been very not a fan, but so much of it was due to the fact that I didn't grasp it. I couldn't get the physical down. And not the pose level themselves. I could practice for life and never attain full form Adamantine, but the mere notion of it all. I think my deal was at first the choreography was somehow put to me in a way completely against how I normally learn, and got me to such a level of confusion that getting me out was going to be a meticulous breakdown and repetitious process. Not including my perfectionism, meaning if I missed a single inhale or exhale or lost myself in a five count, that I had totally screwed the practice. But I think it's coming around, miss a breath, just take another one and keep'd think that wouldn't be so hard to grasp....

The rest of the day was spent going through all the modification of the poses in the sequence, which, in this system, is a LOT of modifications. That's how it's been built, so that nearly every level of physicality is capable. Beginning right at the level after someone should be in physical therapist care.

And after those modifications, we had a refresher course in all the structural and muscular anatomy in all the sequences poses. Joint mobility directions included. The ever popular go around the circle describing the persons pose in the middle of the room :-)

Anatomy sessions always remind me why I could never be a doctor. I have a photographic memory, but HELL NO.

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