Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day Thirteen: One more day left!!!!

Got out of the car at the hotel the training is in, walked three feet and I hear my name shouted across the parking lot. Linda was rushing toward me. She was surprised but very happy to se me back today. She thought after yesterday I probably wouldn't come back (she said she wouldn't). Her opinion was that James was too harsh and went too far, very unlike him. That he should have put a pause in the conversation due to the emotion, and continued in another meeting. But the fact that I came back was "brave and showed maturity." She said I should just follow my heart no matter what. So that was really meaningful actually. That it wasn't just me that felt out of place about it. Enough that she even felt the need to tell me.

Before class, Matthew did his best best ribbon dancer impression and it was awesome.

Morning group class. Uneventful. Surprising how many people didn't know gate pose.

The rest of the day was taught by James web designer, Michelle. She came to GSP and class this morning, not impressed. She was also 45 minutes late to dinner last night. And she looks like Janes twin sister. So immediately, not into it.

Plus in talking about the web, 80% of what she says is total common sense. It's slightly aggravating and a time waste. The handout alone would have been plenty if information.

I'm also hindered by the fact that I no longer have zero future plans.

Its the common sense factor. And I'm not Internet savvy to begin with. I can only imagine how suicidal Nate is.

Afternoon on marketing by the same guest instructor. Woohoo

GSP was weird. I feel like James can't make up his mind. He took out the transverse lunge, leaving me with no prep pose for wide splits, but then helped with my handstand taking me further by starting my bent elbows lead out. Just so back and forth. I'm in and then I'm out, and then back in.

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