Monday, July 29, 2013

Wanderlust Colorado: Final Day Four!

Starting the day off right! First the gym, then a Bear Claw!

 Elephant journals Waylon Lewis wears very short shorts, but stands at military attention constantly, despite growing up Buddhist.

I feel bad for speakers that have tiny tiny audiences just because if bad timing of sessions.

Is there anyone here who doesn't use a smart phone daily? One. Congratulations. The NSA is annoyed by you.

He's very quick witted, snappy one liners, but total deadpan.

Our shoulders tend to not be where they should be, thanks to laptop nation, Trex nation.

Even after three full days if yoga sessions, I have way too much ADD to learn to meditate properly for an hour.

If there's no more questions, we'll start the transdance portion of this lecture...

Waiting at the Nest is way too warm and cozy and sleepy before entering gong practice.

Circle room setup around crystal bowls and gong with stars projected on the ceiling is so sweet. Until you get cold. And then that's all you concentrate on.

"You're going to get lit up like a Christmas tree"

Heavy breathers annoy me. This is relaxation time, you are not in labor.

I think my throat chakra is blocked, holy vibrations batman.

I'm so zonked out and yogi drunk from gong that Its all I can do to stay awake for Eoinn's class.

Last class on Sunday happened to be Eoun Finn's Big Chill. Named for the easy going, been doing yoga all weekend, lets decompress on a chill level. Well, I understand that was the intention, but his ADD was so strong that he kept spacing off into awesome stories and deep thoughts, HOWEVER, that meant we were holding poses forever. Our muscles were definitely in full quiver the whole practice.

I can't say enough how much I love live music in class, especially a class this packed.

"I want to build an ant shrine" - Eoin Finn

"I wasn't really naked, I had a ski helmet on" -Eoin Finn

Eoin told us about living in the city, and his hammock art installation project. Setting up hammocks downtown, and just letting people lay in them and look up at the sky for 10 minutes, like we all should do. And people just didn't understand the concept. It was so outside of their schema. They wanted to buy them, or thought they should charge for them and then give it to charity. It's like no, the whole point is and only will be, to just relax. 

Granted, despite the actual sequence being troublesome, before we began, he had us start a group massage train. And yeah, it's a normal group building exercise, but at a yoga festival? There is no hesitation or nervousness to touch eachother and really massage! And it was no 30 second and switch either. The person to each side each got a solid five minute muscle manipulation. I wish all social events had this happen :-)

In high lunge or warrior one, Eoin has us lift our arms up in front of us high, "Simba it up!" Or Simba pose. At which point someone in the back burst into naaaaaasavayynnaaaaa! All seriousness was lost.

"I love mirror face. You look like you kinda want to beat yourself up and kinda want to make out with yourself"

Singing Beatles at the end of class with Eoinn almost made me late for Moby acoustic!

Moby, one violin, female vocalist. Acoustic of his own work and cover songs. Perfect way to end the weekend.

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