Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day Eleven: 400 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Before group class this morning, James called us up to talk a bit, and we reminded us about the toll our bodies are paying right now, and that we should be giving ourselves permission to take it easy during practices. And I think the permission from him is really what I needed to hear to not push into EVERYTHING 1000%.

So going into group class felt easier, and the first half felt good, but it was the second half that was just CRAWLING by. I swear it lasted three times as long as the first half. And when I finally rolled up into half shoulder stand, BOTH shoulders popped at the same time and my back cracked in at least three spots. It was crazy.

And he says that each morning class is vastly different each day, and I see minor differences, but by no means would I say they are drastically diverse.

Coming back, we discussed last nights listening speaker. And clearly we all agree on the lack of purpose of it. It started slow, but by the end, it was just a laundry list if things she did wrong.

Business of workshops was next, and it completely turned into a Q&A session, which I loved. All about web building, social media, back end products, price setting and marketing. All insane practical and helpful info.

Then it got even better discussing anatomy trains, also known as myofascial meridians. Fascia is fascinating to me, and I just naturally get the concept. I was totally sucked in.

EXCEPT that I was sandwiched between Matthew and Nate, both so ADD that their legs move at insane rates while sitting.

Sticking with the meridians concept, we brought out the foam rollers again, basically going through the same workshop we did in the 300, but just as productive. It's always a nice mini massage of pain with those rollers.

But the bonus was after the session, James asked who was really into the myofascial stuff, and of course I spoke up, and I happened to be first so I scored the Anatomy Trains book that James had been working out of. Its awesome. Really fascinating to look through.

In GSP, I officially made the note that Mathew refuses to assist my handstands, whether its because he thinks I'll hurt him or what, but he's had numerous opportunities, and just leaves me to go on in the sequence instead. BUT after practice he did tell me that that was the best he's seen me do.

James during the practice was almost as encouraging. I had three crappy handstand attempts, but he "couldn't leave me out" and gave full assist in my front split prep. After, telling me I'm getting good, and that it's "changing you". Whatever that means, or whatever he THINKS it means.

Overall the day went insanely fast. The fastest day of the training by far. I am a-ok with that.

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