Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day Six of 300hr Yoga Teacher Training

Callie was a fabulous assister in GSP. Super strong, which is crazy to guess just looking at her, but having to assist Mathew, I guess it makes sense. 

I found a few assisters giving me verbal cues that I just couldn't hear at all. It's like, I know I'm near deaf, but a lot of people have worse hearing than I, make sure you can be heard!!

Got the cue to check breath after wide forward fold, kinda weird since that is such an easy one to breathe in. And another to not speed the transitions, although I know I am getting better at that one. 

I moved the blocks down to a lower level in splits! Holla. Wheel is looking good and I got three passes at handstand, each better than the time before. Choreography is clearly getting tighter, didn't mess up at all.

"What is this?"
"Protein, bro"- coming from the blondest most cheerleader looking girl on the planet

Working on our assisting in the shoulder roll sequencing, James told me to "Go squish Tiffany"

It always scares people when they go to assist you in a pose, and your back cracks all the way up. 

Complimentary practices talks with James are always interesting, and by interesting I mean trying to let it all roll off my back as he says yoga is all you need and that cardio and weight lifting not only doesn't help, but deteriorates the body. 

But a new addition to that "talk" is that foam rolling is encouraged. So we got to play with foam rollers working out tight spots if the body. So that was kinda fun. Until you got to the IT band, then it was just a whole lot of ouchees. It's a good workshop. An easy one. One I can see as being a good kick start to teaching workshops at the studio. Easily cut down to an hour, and easily assisted by a cohort.

We did one exercise in Rolfing. I remember this hurting like a BITCH last year. This year, it just felt awesome on my forearms. More! More!

Last part of the day was learning the seated sequence assists. At this point I realize that James has pretty much given up on trying to figure out my lower body. Which is super disheartening, it's like he just keeps taking poses out and telling me not to do them because of my lower leg "issues".  It's like, ok, so I'm just never going to so them? Cause this is showing me that you don't think you want to keep me around long term, and in my head, why try on my own to work for YOUR style if you don't want to put even the slight bit of effort into me. 

But as a class we got him to let us skip dinner so we could go straight into the practical assisting. This way we get done a lot earlier AND it's not like we can eat anyway, knowing that we have to come straight back into physical practice. So that was a nice perk.

He said the handstand partners were supposed to stay together, so I was worried I'd be stuck with Mathew again, but Jane had lost her partner, so I lucked out with her. Really good. She's tentative, but strong in her assists. She's grown so much since our 200 training. It's awesome to see. 

This round through wasn't shabby for me either, getting into full 90 degree pigeons, and getting the blocks on the lowest position in splits. 

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