Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day Five

Today, my quads feel like when I look at them, they should be black and blue. Apparently that's what happens when you engage in what feels like million wide spread forward folds. They don't even hurt to move, only when touched, like they're massively bruised. It's so strange.

My morning GSP at James' studio was slaughtered by the assistant, Matthew, again. My teacher/mentor James has told me that he's an overcorrector, but still it feels like only me, no matter how nice and patient he is about it. He adjusted my wheel so strongly that my hands came off the ground, my lizard is completely wrong in form, so is my transverse lunge. I have a problem keeping my feet hip distance apart. My hands go to far back lifting into mountain. I don't tuck my arm in revolved side angle. I only got three attempts at handstand, my first one with James was perfect, but Matthew took my third and it was so awful that I had no assisted attempts after that.

This put me in a horrible headspace to assist the group after me. James said I looked like a gangster with my arms crossed (part frustration, part self protection, and part I was still sweaty and freezing cold). But I was given few opportunities to assist, and Matthew snuck in and took one of them from me, and then at a later one, I was the only one he came to correct in the assist. Ego. To. A. Pulp.

James calls him my Kryptonite. But I did hear a comment yesterday about halfway through GSP for him to stop going to me so much. At least I think thats what I heard, especially since it lightened up, a TEENY bit. 

At break I just went to the car, had a little meltdown and the rest of the day just kind of coasted emotionally. Kinda weird for me. 

But it could have been a relation to the fact that sometime Tuesday I popped my rib out again (I'm really not happy with the new frequency of that). I pretty much begged Nates chiro to take me in without the full intake exam (it takes over an hour and I just can't take that time). So I got it fixed, but still, my muscles are constantly warm and open here, so it will be an issue for the rest of the training.

Not to end on a negative note, we did get ice cream cones at lunch. So that was delish!  It was a make your own cone place, and lets just say I should have an adult help me from now on. I should definitely never work at Dairy Queen. 

Next pass at GSP assisting, my personal practice pacing was better, and I was better at all my "habits", but due to where I was in the assisting line, I only assisted one person. The class was always in unassisted poses. 

James always says your true self comes out on the mat in Adamantine, but I have such different personalities on the mat, it's making me feel pschizo!

Bummed that Adamantine will never have weekends, meaning actually getting to a GSP will be far more complicated and rare. 

James is clearly into the concept that Nate and I run studio together, especially since we have exactly what the other doesn't in the skills needed. And you guessed it, I'm the one with charisma :-)

After dinner was a full GSP. Beaten up, full from dinner, to be practice for assisters. Misery. I wanted to puke and my body was in pain. We went through the hardest parts of the sequence at least three times in order for everyone to get their turn. Being the assisters in the second half was much MUCH nicer. And assisting five people all at the same time was actually pretty fun. 

Although I did nail toe roll numerous time while being a piece of meat for assisting!

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