Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things I'm Loving Today

I have been such a negative nancy recently. Things seem to be going wrong left and right, day in and day out. But today. Today is good.

-Tonight I get to bring home my birthday present, a three legged, rambunctious kitty!
-Saturday just got a million times better, hot yoga, AND partner yoga class.
-The buzz I have going from DD Vanilla coffee
-The new Conan documentary waiting in my mailbox
-Brisk air telling me Fall is coming
-Dinner tonight involves taco turkey.
-My lower body is happily sore from yesterday's insane workout.

What are you loving today?

No really, I want to know. Think of just ONE thing (or ten if its a blissful day) and let's get the happy flow going!


Lori said...

Got my kitchen cleaned before lunch (no small feat); got the house 'fall' decorated after lunch; and of course - my new/used JEEP.

Heather Marie said...

One of the students I work with often brought me back a necklace from Israel as a thank you for sending out 50+ recommendations on her behalf to enter the job market. Very happy!