Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome Home Pandora!

Tim and I were at Petsmart on Monday, and saw this adorabley precious kitty for adoption. She was the only one with energy and spunk, even though she only had three legs. Immediately I fell in love with her. But with three furry ones at home, every time I want a new one, I get shot down. UNTIL YESTERDAY! Tim called to ask if we could go get my birthday present after work (three week early, but sounds good to me!) so for the rest of the day, it was all about researching names for the new addition.

Picked her up, immediately purring. Car ride home went well. We holed up the cranky ones in the bedroom while we gave her free reign to explore. She loved it. Every cat before her has been timid in exploring. After five minutes, you would think she had lived here her whole life. Nessa was introduced first, no problems. Chillest cat in the world. Olivia and Myla were a bit slower. We thought Myla would be the hardest, but olivia is the one that is being bitchy. Its been about 36 hours now, and theres a few tense moments. But by the end of the weekend, I predict loving licks between the two. Really, with the energy they both have, they will be soul mates.

So here she is, the newest of the crazy bunch, Pandora.

We got her name narrowed down pretty quickly to between Padma and Pandora. But its pretty clear that this kitty is going to be a total box of insanity waiting to burst out, so Pandora it was!

Welcome to the crazy family, Pandora. Even with three legs, you’ll fit right in.

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