Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prancing around Boston.

Yeah, two posts in one day. It's like Christmas for you! ;-)

We had pretty much two free days to do our thing in Boston. Thursday was spent walking downtown, from the Emerson bookstore to Fanuiel Hall, and up the Downtown Crossing, doing some shopping. Quick lunch and then Tim walked me to Back Bay Yoga, where I was pretty pumped for a Hip Hop Yoga class. I won't go into it too much, but when you are in a dark room, with Eminem blaring for 8 minutes, I would never thought that self guided sun salutations could be that exhilerating. But for who knows what reason, it was absolutely fantastic. I want to do it again.

After yoga, we changed into our baseball getups and walked to dinner at the Salty Pig. Tim loved his meat and cheese platter (I gotta say, his was pretty tasty) but my fig and goat cheese pizza left me desiring actual figs, not just fig jam. Especially since I splurged on a pizza order! Oh well. Not too much time to lament the fact since we had to race to Fenway to make it the Red Sox / Yankees game. We got their in time, but finding our seats was harder than one would think, so the game had barely started by the time we sat down.
Let's just say that I do not find baseball to be entertaining, to put it nicely. I had meant to bring some magazines, but totally forgot, at least I had my iphone, right? And by the end of the fourth inning, Tim went and got me a GINORMOUS ice cream sundae and himself a Dunkin coffee. It was quite a chilly night, so the combo was pretty much perfect. But by the end of the seventh inning. My phone goes dark. Battery dead. Ultimate despair. What am I going to do? I somehow made it to the end, but I was definitely antsy to go. I mean, game started at 7, and then didn't end until after 11:30. That is a LONG time to sit in a seat after two days in a car. Watching baseball nonetheless. But Tim got to see a Yankees/Sox game at Fenway. So its worth it. Once. ;-)

Friday brought on something new for us. We finally went on a Ducktour. It was pretty entertaining, glad to be able to say that we have now done the tour that I spent much of my freshman year quacking at. Mac, our driver, was decent, but once you've lived in Boston, you've pretty much seen everything there is to see on a Ducktour, other than when the Ducks actually go in the water.

Stopped by the pru afterwards for some lovely Lululemon shopping (how can I resist?) and had the great debate about lunch. After quite the logistics thought process, we ended up at Mikes Deli in Coolidge Corner, eating the largest sandwiches on the planet. Washed down with Red Velvet Party Favors cupcakes. More shopping, including a massive drama session at Macy's. I finally picked to Coach purse to use my gift card on, and it turns out that our card number had been cleared out last July in a big hack, but yet, they didnt contact us until now that we were trying to use it. So no purse. Oh well.

One workout later, we were meeting Caroline at Friendly Toast. I swear everytime I see that girl its like I saw her last week. The dinner was cut relatively short though since my leftover sickness from the week before was kicking up pretty hard again, but it was great getting to see her. Back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and shopping bag destroyed room for our evacuation the next day to Plymouth for the wedding!!!!

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