Friday, September 9, 2011

Pause for Back to Fargo

Yeah, I spent a full week on a road trip to and from New England, and I only posted about the first day. I know, I know. But for a brief moment I am going to go back to the Fargo trip. Mainly because I have over 500 pictures from Labor Day weekend and the trip and I really just don't have the focus to sort those right now (Coke Zero and Burn Notice are keeping me focused)

Before we left Minneapolis to make the trek up North, we had yet another meal at Common Root Cafe. Any place that I can order granola, fruit, and yogurt is up there in my book!

Tim went straight to the rehearsal, while I spent some time in the gym (thank god for hotel gyms) and then got ready for the rehearsal dinner at a golf course. We were running a bit late by the time he picked me up, and I was getting worried about finding it!
But eventually we did, introductions to the wedding party were made, crackers were eaten, toasts were made, bbq sandwiches eaten, and gifts passed out. Members of the wedding party were feeling sick (three straight days of drinking will do that) so the rehearsal dinner was pretty fast before we headed out. Tim and I made a short tour of Fargo, visited Target, and might have grabbed a snack at Qdoba.....

Saturday was another drive around Fargo, trying to find the Farmers Market, and after a few failures, we found a different one that gave us the total hook up in produce and baked goods! Cranberry orange scones and 7 layer bars.....but then he had to go do the pictures thing after a last "boys lunch" so I spent the entire the gym, shocker, I know. But I made it to the wedding on time (barely) and saw the ceremony with Tim up front, and we drove to the reception at our hotel. Candy bar, dessert buffet, kiev dinner. Food was CONSUMED.

I was put at a table with other wives and significant others to the wedding party, only they all knew each other and I knew no one. So I made my early escape after toasts. I felt so atrocious after so much food that I needed to get some more cardio in so I could sleep comfortably. But not without a mirror photo shoot first....

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