Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pre Wedding Jitters? I mean, Lobster.

The day of the wedding, we drove down to Plymouth a bit early as to make the mandatory lunch stop at Lobster Hut. A personal favorite. Best lobster roll ever. Tim always picks the wrong things to eat. I mean, clam strips? Really? Shame. Always go for lobster!

We had time for a seaside walk around town, plus the weather was completely gorgeous and perfect to set up the wedding vibe!

Meg and Kate's wedding was at the Bourndale facility, meaning that all overnight wedding guests were staying in cabins on the grounds. We were given a cabin on our own due to the fact that everyone else that we knew was leaving right after the wedding. Pretty sweet cabins though, for a campground!

All dressed, primped, and ready to go to the wedding!!!!!

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