Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Ode to the Bridal Filled Wedding!

An Ode to the Wedding:
The Brides came out, said their vows.
Everyone grinned and clapped, a few cheers were roused.
Cocktails mixed and drank, a tasty dinner was eaten.
But then there was the cupcakes, to which all the rest was beaten.
Cute and simple. As are the girls.
They looked simply radiant in their white and pearls.
Chatted with friends, remembered old times.
A lot of clinking for kisses, making those glasses chime!

Then came the dancing. How did we survive?
Everyone on the dance floor, all night long we jived.
Ceremony over, reception put to bed.
What comes next, bonfire and smores you said?!

The day was fantastic, there's no way it could have been equaled.
Best wedding I've ever been to, so next year, let's give it a sequel!

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