Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday Funday.

So in a manner very unlike myself, the only pictures I have from this past Sunday are a few super pixelated cell phone pictures, so you will just have to hear about it and visualize. Think deep thoughts. Although, I'm sure this is actually a pretty boring entry for most, almost repeatitive perhaps. Deal with it. Start your own blog and complain about how all other blogs say the same stuff over and over. Don't worry, I'd still probably read it. ;-)

Quick back story. Tim and I love Craig Ferguson. You know, the guy with the robot sidekick on CBS late night. The Scottish one. Yeah, that guy. He's hilarious. I've read his book and I saw tickets to see his stand up in Minneapolis and just couldn't resist.

We've spent quite a bit of money recently between summer trips and my extra stupid medical stuff, so we weren't really super up for shopping, but driving all the way up to arrive right before the show and drive right back afterwards seemed kinda silly, might as well make at least a half day out of it!

We left town around 11 to make it up just in time for a late lunch at Common Root, which as much as I usually totally love it, left something to be desired. They prepared my toasted bagel immediately and let it sit for the 20 minutes it took to get Tim's out, so it was cold, chewy, and cream cheese congealed by the time I got it....unpleasant.

So after a quick yogurt parfait (the ONLY thing I'll eat from McDs, and thats in dire need) Tim dropped me off at Corepower Uptown for a Fusion Hot Yoga. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this place. Not just Uptown, but all of them. I wish Minneapolis wasn't so freaking cold. I would move there in a heartbeat and IMMEDIATELY get trained by Corepower. Everytime I go I get closer and closer to just sucking it up and figuring out a way to get my certificate up there anyway. I just love the facilities and the style and their philosophy. Their style is the most perfect match to mine, it brings in the mental meditation, but its not totally hippy enough to exclude the athletic and exercise aspect of it. But yet still completely traditional. I feel like every time I go I have a mini break through in some aspect of my practice...anyways. Enough yoga talk.

By the time I got back to the car, the bad lunch long drive dreariness was gone and I was totally ready for the rest of the day! Not that one can be in a funk for long once they get to Whole Foods. We didn't spend too much time there since we had to drive a bit for the show, but we stocked up on a few nights dinners, Love Crunch, and driving snacks for after the show. I want Whole Foods in Cedar Falls. Please? Anyone? Make this happen for my birthday (which, ps. is a week from Friday ;-) ).

Made it to the casino in good time for the show. Now, I don't really feel the need to talk about it a lot, and I don't think I would do the disgust sadness feeling justice. But it was actually my first time in a casino and it was sickening. This wasn't Vegas, here for a good time occassion gamblers. It was the morbidly obese, crippled grandmas, can't afford to eat chain smokers playing the digital slots. Just gross. And repulsive.

BUT. Craig Ferguson was funny. His opener was really good too. I like the comics that don't go fear going to the jokes that might take it just a little too far. That's where I start to find things funny. And both the opener and Craig did not disappoint. The venue was pretty good too, minus the fact that it was a really big igloo. I wouldn't have been surprised to see penguins waddling around in scarves and mittens. Show started at 7, and Craig wrapped at 8:30. Normally I would feel ripped off, but I was so cold and the drive ahead was long enough that I was ok with it. Plus it took us a solid 25 minutes to get out of the parking lot for seemingly no reason...

Drive home went fast though, pulled back in a little after midnight. Somehow I managed to stay awake the whole drive home, but that definitely didn't last long once I pulled the blanket over me.

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