Saturday, February 26, 2011

No more wisdom for me.

I like to moan and groan about my teeth a lot. More specifically, my dentist. But this post will be moan and groan about the dentist free! But it shall still all be about my teefies! Or the lack there of now. Two yanked five years ago. Two more yanked on Thursday. See? Proof!
Tim didn't have to work til 9:45, and my appointment was for 8am. Its not like its brain surgery, aka, it super quick, so he drove me to the appointment, met Mom there. The nurse was beyond amazing, really nice and just awesome in comparison to the heinous ladies at my dentist. Especially when I was one of "those" patients, and asked if I could get the IV line in my hand instead of my elbow. I felt bad, but it just eases my mind a lot. No problems. Waited maybe three/four minutes for the doctor. Lovely man. I asked right away about how soon I could work out, and he seemed surprised, but amused by it.

Our only other conversation was me asking if I could have the teeth if they came out whole (yeah, I know, its sick, but whatever). My arm hurt and then burned when he injected the sleep stuff. Then my wrist felt like someone snapped it, but then I felt it hit my heart and spread crazy fast, I remember maybe two or three images between that sensation (8:10am at the latest) and waking up on my couch at noon. Trying to write on a piece of paper. The car. Those two images are literally like someone took a picture of the event, and then showed me once, three months ago. So those are super fuzzy. I remember slightly better walking in the garage. Then Tim coming in and telling mom he bought pudding and changing my gauze cause apparently I kept saying that I was choking.

Thats it. Then noon. Not five minutes after I woke up, my GLORIOUS Mommy came over with a marshmallow peach shake. Total treat of awesome.Even though I didn't eat it until 4 or 5. She stayed for maybe 20 minutes. But once I woke up, I was totally awake. No more lethargy. Just very cozy on the couch. Complete with round the clock care by a very attentive nurse.
Tim later said that when they got taken back to the recovery room, I apparently asked for my teeth about every five minutes, and then as soon as the doctor came in to talk to mom and Tim, I asked him AGAIN when I could work out. I still have my paper of me trying to communicate. Lots of squiggles. Pretty much every legible scratch involves me liking drugs. One is just a heart with drugs written in it. And another says, David, I like drugs. And I do not remember a single part of it. Ill just be thankful for that part.

My mouth barely hurt, but maybe only slightly more than an aggressive dentist visit. Tim didn't force drugs on me as soon as it was over, knowing I would just pass out anyway, and by noon I decided it wasn't bad enough yet to just take them. So I didn't, and never ended up taking any at all that day, which pleased me, since I havent actually taken a painkiller in probably a few years. Although yesterday morning, waking up, after having probably clenched my jaw all night...I popped those babies in like candy!

A side effect I didn't expect was how bad my hand and arm hurt. I have a tiny bruise and a rather large prick hole on my hand from the injection, but my arm has been pretty nasty feeling all day, all the way up to the elbow really. Like I had held my arm up and it just got blindsided by someone in a Geo Metro. A small, yet still large metal automobile. But no puffy face! At least I don't think so. Tim says a little bit, but I sure can't tell.
So that's that. Four teeth out. Here's hoping I'm not a shark relative and won't be finding any more rows of teeth back there anytime in the near future....or ever.

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