Thursday, February 17, 2011

The way to my heart: My stomach.

My Valentine's was spent at one of my new favorite restaurants downtown. It's not typical for around these parts, it thankfully seems to forget that not only is it just styled like a diner, but also that it's located in the midwest. Simple food, but prepared with great skill and conceptualication. Anyways. They were having a six course Valentine's dinner, and I pounced on that like kitties on catnip.
Totally cute set up, it's a quaint diner/cafe atmosphere normally, but add candles everywhere, white linens, hints of Valentines red in places. Even better was the fact that there were only eight other couples in the whole place, so it was killer service and we got the chef's talk before the meal explaining all the courses and running us through the five different entrees.

Course #.5: Champagne

Course #1: Scallop with reduction.

Course #2: Romaine with garlic bacon vinagrette and shaved parmesan.

Course #3: Lobster bisque.

Course #4: Scoop of lime sorbet.

Course #5: Pork w/ risotto and sauteed spinach. Breaded chicken w/ grilled zucchini and a thyme waffle.

Course #6: Poached pear w/ cheese plate (aged cheddar, bleu, and brie).

Course #7: Trio of chocolate. Coffee chocolate mousse, triple chocolate ice cream, and a white chocolate covered strawberry.

Delicious food. Great atmosphere. Something different for Valentines Day. Good times.

And to top it all off, a Macy's Gift card, but personalized, with Nessa's mouth wide open on the card itself, and a card explaining that she wants me to use it all on her, but that Myla and Nessa disagree. Too cute. Well executed! Much better than my gift of crab cakes kit, thats for certain!

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