Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Only Six Days.

For anyone that reads this on a regular basis, you might have the idea that I am kind of a body conscious person. I'm not even skinny, but I am pretty food watching sensitive, I workout like a fiend, and just in general try to keep it all in check. Mainly, so I don't end up like this tragic mess again.

Point being, my aunt and uncle have been participating in the Clean Program, and have had crazy results. My dad bought the book, mom read it in a matter of days, and they started yesterday. Well, I have a little bit left of the book, but we are starting tomorrow. The whole program is three weeks. But most people have to start at one week and then give it a rest. We are heading to St Louis on Tuesday, so we will only last for six days the first time, but I get my wisdom teeth out the day after we get back, and I wanted to at least give it a go before Disney World. So if all goes well, we will at least have one more round after this one before we leave in March.

The book is super easy to read and understand, but its all about how our bodies are virtually toxic with all the crap that we eat these days, and the three week cleanse should be a good relief to that stress. It's pretty simple actually, just quite intense. Simply put. There is a list of things to eat, and a list of things you better not touch with a ten foot pole. And its not just things you normally think are bad. Yes, cheese, yogurt (all dairy) are out. As are all breads and cereals basically. But also no tomatos, grapes, bananas, grapefruit, peppers....its interesting to read the science behind it. No eggplant either! Or coffee.... (eek).

But of the Yes List, you eat a liquid (smoothie or soup) for breakfast, a solid lunch, and then a liquid dinner. There must be 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

That's pretty much it. I think the hardest parts are going to be actually eating lunch (my first actual meal isn't usually until 7pm) and then not eating after dinner. And the coffee. And no juice packets. And no chocolate. Pretty much just going to suck. I just must chant, its only six days. Its only six days.

And then....First Watch breakfast in St. Louis!!! That part, shall rock.

Addendum: Also helping is knowing that my mother, my father, and Tim are all sharing in the misery....

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