Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Girl Scout Week Apparently.

Speaking of Girl Scout cookies. I was a Girl Scout. Yup. My mom was a leader for awhile, or helped out a lot, clearly my memories aren't that crystal clear. But I DO remember meeting in the art room after school and certain activities that we did. I remember learning batik dying of eggs. As well as a Mary Kay lady coming and showing us how to "take care of our skin".

It's kind of weird though. I was in Daisies, Brownies, and a full on Girl Scout, and I really don't have any memories past those. Im sure there were sleep overs and other outtings. But those two things. Oh, and of course going into my dad's business friends offices and sitting at the kitchen table calling people to ask them to buy cookies. That memory is QUITE strong. Church was a big seller too. And one over night at a camp. We made the pie things were you cram a piece of bread into the tin, pour pie filling in, cram another bread, roast it over the fire, and eat it.

Ok, so thats four memories. For probably 5-6 years of activities? Clearly it was life altering.... ;-)

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DeMo said...

I was a girl scout, and tried earning a badge by being a troop aide, but i have a horrible memory and am great at procrastination, and i always forgot to prepare an activity. and i also forgot that we were doing a run-through of packing for camp, and i lived across the street from the leader's house, so i ran home and packed really quickly. such weird memories. we also played "light as a feather" at camp, though i had a feeling that it was sort of a weird little game to play, so i never really did it. oh! and then there was staying in the treehouse at the camp. that was loads of fun! and camping by the rio grande river and it was so cold that my fingers couldn't unzip or unbutton my jeans so that i could go to the bathroom.

oh, and about the cookies? I hate that they've changed bakeries here and use the lame names, like peanut butter patties. they are tagalongs. forever and always.