Thursday, December 31, 2009

Captive of the Couch

I'm so glad I get to see these girls more than once a year, I adore them! (This will make more sense later in the post....)

Today I lay here on the couch, rendered completely immovable by excruciating back pain. And I know I'm not over the line in saying that, because it took many tears, lots of Tim help, and at least 15 minutes to get me from bed to couch this morning. And its not even 30 feet away. I luckily got into the chiropractor before the holiday break, and even he thought I was totally jacked up. Crazily jacked up.
So, now I am cracked, still in pain, and icing it like crazy, because I absolutely refuse to not go out tonight. Its New Years Eve and these are my first actual plans. Last year was Amsterdam, but Im not counting that. Tim has to work til 5, so I at least hadn't planned on going to IC with the girls to see killer Scottish music, but there's family hors deurvs to be had, and later on, the big plans. Black and White Ball at Bourre. I searched high and low for a dress, found one, and now I HAVE TO WEAR IT. I refuse to be crippled. Even if I stand at the table for an hour and then have to leave. Its better than nothing.
Plus, its with people that we haven't really gone out with before. Some old faces, yes. But also a lot of new ones from the rec center who originated the Black and White Ball plan. It seems like these are the days of good friends, and I hope these people are at least the start of some of that. Like this past weekend for example, a friend of ours from high school basically invited everyone he still remotely knew to a local bar, and the amount of people that showed up, the day after Christmas, was insane. I saw people that I saw every day for years, that I havent seen in more than half a decade. It was really interesting. In a good way mostly, some of the people could have stayed in their caves though ;) Here's a few captures:
Jack thinks he's hilarious. I live in fear.

We packed the bar. PACKED it. And I knew at least one person at all but two tables. That's sayin something!

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Andrea Q said...

Here's hoping the pain disappears! Happiest of New Years to you!