Saturday, December 5, 2009

DPP 5: Double Dinner Date for Dad!

Yes, I know that technically I took this last night, but it was a great time. It was dad's birthday (as yesterday's said) and Christopher had to work, so it was just the four of us going out for a dinner celebration. Sometimes I forget how good of a time we have when its just us big kids :) I haven't been to Montage in forever, nor have I gorged myself like that in quite some time. But sometimes, when you see mashed potatoes and corn pudding on the same table like that, you cant resist!
Dad waits patiently for his big hunk of barely dead cow. Gross.
How cute are these two? Mom put away more food than the rest of us combined though! I was impressed. But to be fair, she hadn't eaten all day in preparation for the gloriousness.
I haven't worn my hair curly like this in YEARS, but I was super lazy getting out of the shower and figured hey, why not? And I would like to think that it worked out just fine....

Here's where I will admit that tomorrow's picture probably won't actually be from tomorrow either. Oops. But you will all live. Last night was just too crazy awesome not to share!

BUT. I will add in this little piece of yum yum from today just to try and have it count :)
I made Dad a Bears themed lemon bundt cake. As you can see, it didn't exactly fall out of the pan. More like crumbled out, but I did the best I could to piece it back together! Blue and Orange all the way....


The Mind of a Mom said...

Happy B'Day to your dad! And tell him

Anonymous said...

That bundt cake rocks my world. haha :)