Sunday, December 6, 2009

DPP #5: Rosenau wins over TobyMac

I couldn't decide. I really couldn't. I took close to 200 pictures last night at the TobyMac show. With this new camera, complete with 20x zoom, I can take KILLER pictures. The stage wasn't exactly close, but you wouldn't ever know it by these pictures!

It wasn't just a Toby Mac concert either. I was obsessed with dcTalk growing up, so really that should be enough. But moreso was that the show was Rosenau's annual concert in Cedar Falls. The kid has found his calling. Watching him play on stage, he could never be happier. Awesome. I like when my friends from the past find their happy place! It was just Tim and I, Chris and Linnea though. Mom and Dad opted out. Something about his birthday or something....wimps. But we had good times without them!

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Linds said...

Trying not to be jealous :)