Saturday, December 19, 2009

DPP18: Deck the Bars with Bottles of Glory!

The Blue Room. aka the diviest of all dive bars in Iowa. And that is sayin something!
Its 1am and we are rising early tomorrow, so this shall be brief. Alas, today was the ALPHA Reunion, I did not go, I felt like death, not even death warmed over. But I was convinced to go to the after party at OP. I only was there for a teensy bit, but Tim was there full force and got some cute pictures of people we love dearly.
Like Steve. Master of all things ALPHA. Also Master of most of our HighSchool lives.
And Tim with Ozzie. I adore this picture and cannot wait til August to see her in lovely San Francisco.

Ok. Dead. Chicago tomorrow. Bannana Schpeel!

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