Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad Mommy.

They are going to cut WHERE?!?

This past week, I was an awful mommy. Or at least I felt like one. My precious Olivia was scheduled to go in and get spayed (a necessary evil). And the night before we took her in she was being extra precious and snuggley. But I sucked it up, and she got taken in to a strange and scary place to be sliced and diced.

We get a call within the hour. She had put under, belly shaved, and they found a spay scar that they hadn't seen in the initial exam. And yes, its much easier than her actually going through the surgery, but she went through trauma for no reason! She had a hard time walking for the rest of the day and had puffy eyes and hissed every time Myla or Nessa so much as thought about her. She didn't want to be held or pet or anything. She hated us. She also keeps licking her tummy, as if that's going to make her tummy hair grow back.

This was all last Tuesday, and she's back to being her snuggley lovey self. But still.

I'm a bad kitty mommy.

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