Monday, October 5, 2009

New Addition to the Family!

She is here!!! Much sooner than anticipated, but nonetheless, the newest addition to the family has arrived safe and sound. She is still nameless, but her shelter name will do until we find the perfect name for her. I want to keep it in the theme of the other two, which would mean that it should start with "O" and end with an "a". Ophelia and Olivia are the front runners, but they arent the best names ever. So maybe we will just screw the tradition and name her something else. Any ideas?

Her name at the shelter was Laney, because the story of her arriving to them was that she was thrown out of a moving car onto the lane, and someone picked her up and took her to the shelter. I almost hope that story is a fabrication, but people are evil. :( We met her when we went to visit the cat we were planning on getting, Aero, but ended up deciding not to. We picked Laney instead, and she was going to be my birthday present, but my mother brought over their baby kitty and Myla freaked out. Like, Rambo style. So we decided again, not to get another cat jsut yet.

But then last weekend, getting some catfood at Petsmart, there was Laney, still homeless. I went in and got to hold her, and we pretty much decided then and there that Myla would have to deal with it. Applied to get her, got the call, and we had wanted to wait til Friday to pick her up (so we could be around all weekend and babysit the new siblings to prevent bloody death). But they virtually refused. So tonight was the night. I woke up this morning not knowing that I would go to bed with a new little babe. But I'm glad I am!!!

They aren't getting along yet. Lots of hissing. Nessa seemed totally fine, until Laney hissed at her, and then there was quite a bit more bitterness on Nessa's end. Myla I think feels replaced. She's four years old, while Laney is only 5.5 months, but they are the same size. We'll see. I shall be giving both Nessa and Myla extra love. They don't seem mad at us, just at the new cat, so thats a plus. And Laney is such a lap cat. She purred in my lap in the car all the way home, and she is just content chilling watching some tivo.

More updates on Sibling Death Fest 2009 to follow!


DeMo said...

Pretty! I love the markings on her face. My friends didn't have a name for their kitten and finally called her Emmy. Her real name is Emanon, which is noname spelled backwards. :)

Clare said...

That's awesome! I love that it actually sounds like a name, and produce a sweet nickname. Its too bad "Mommyanddaddycouldntdecide" backwards wouldnt be as good.... :)