Thursday, October 1, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Toby Mac

It was about this time five years ago, that I met my freshman year roommate, Caroline. And today's picture is of one of our first adventures. A family friend of mine is the guitarist for the musician Toby Mac. I found out that they had a show close to Boston and bought tickets. I got Caroline to go with me. Now, it was far enough out, that we had to take the Commuter line out, and then walk aways to the actual concert locale. We get there after getting lost a little bit (which is scary for two 18year old girls in a brand new state) and are invited onto the tour was fantastic. As someone who grew up listening to dctalk, meeting TobyMac was insane. The concert was great, and Rosenau came down and sat by us for the opening act. And then, after the tour, we had hired a cab (since the commuter rail was done for the night) to drive us all the way back downtown Boston. He was kind of a weird dude. And then we got dropped off right where the campus shuttle would pick us up (which I never used again for the next three years) and ended up having to walk in the rain, and getting lost. It was definitely a bonding experience right away....

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DeMo said...

That's awesome! I've always either wanted to know someone who could get me backstage with a big musician, or just marry the big musician. Either one will work.

I saw TobyMac when he was on the dome tour with Newsboys & AudioA. We were in the front row, and Toby looked me in the eyes and told me I was beautiful. Ok, maybe not, but we did make eye contact, and he has the bluest eyes ever.