Thursday, October 15, 2009

24 Going on Ancient.

24 is not exciting enough. My birthday was last week, and every day since then has been blah and dreary, with exception to any moment celebrating said birthday :) I got the day off of work (perks of having your father as a boss) and yet, didnt even sleep in. I was up and on the treadmill at 7:10, went to my abs class, and had a pumpkin latte via Tim for lunch. The afternoon was quite a bit more chill with a massage and seeing Fame with my mother. Only to be surprised afterwards by going home and having my mom over for dinner for Christmas casserole (best birthday food ever) and one mangled, but tasty lemon cake. And then proceeded to do nothing but watch tivo for the rest of the night. I am officially old, because I was completely content with that.

There was a bit more celebration over the weekend. Grandparents, parents, brother and girlfriend all congregated for my newest favorite dessert. Cake balls. My mom had them at an event, and I had never heard of such delicious glory, but holy cow are they amazing. I chose strawberry. I could eat a million. Its baked cake smooshed and crumbled with cream cheese and then rolled into balls and dipped in frosting. *drool*
Touch my cake balls and die. Heh. But we also snagged the opportunity with extra people to take the picture, an actual event, and a reason to wear silly party hats to take our Nordyke October picture. We are now officially complete dorks. I blame genetics.

But all in all it was a good year last year, and this one has started off well. But someone needs to tell the weather. I am not ready for this dreary rain and snow crap yet. Ugh. The only reason I can put up with it is because of all the awesome things that come with Fall: sweaters, pumpkin stuff, cozy under blankets, Thanksgiving, and then all the build up to Christmas splendor! Yay.

Did he really smile for once?! Really? A good picture of my father? Score.

And apparently for every good picture of him, there must be one of him looking like a creepy psycho stalker killer.... :)

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