Thursday, September 24, 2009

Throwback Thursday: ALPHA Trip.

I don't think that anyone that might even potentially read this was an ALPHA kid. Which is too bad, because I could reminisce for seemingly hours about the enjoyment that ALPHA brought to me as a jr high/high school kid. But today's throwback is from one of the highlights of Jr High ALPHA. The ALPHA trip. We all got pulled out of school for a day, left ungodly early and traveled to a city (St Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc) and did "educational" things around the city for two days. It was always a grand trip. Educational, eh, might have been a little iffy. But it was definitely an attempt.

My first ALPHA trip introduced me to McCrea, who in the first five minutes of knowing him, explained to the bus how chickens have sex. Yup. Welcome to the next five years of your scholarly life. But this picture was taken up in Minneapolis, at some art museum. I distinctly remember it, we were waiting in the lobby for the bus to pick us up, and the three of us randomly decided to immitate the monkeys. Yes, we might have been slightly odd.

This picture is particularly pertinent (big word much?) because I get the chance to have dinner with a few of my ALPHA alum and McCrea tonight. Intellectual conversation is something I miss. It's been hard to find the past few years. I still think that the greatest conversations I've had to date happened in that ALPHA room. That's more than scary....smarten up people! Then let's debate. And I'll still win :)


MOM said...

You mean you can't have an "intellectual" conversation with your parents? Oh yeah, you said one you could win :)

Clare said...

1) No.

2) Not even going there.

Brandon said...

For the record, I AM/WAS an ALPHA kid and I most definitely read this. So there.

Also, ALPHA trips were awesome, as is Steve. Wish I could get to see him & all the cool ALPHA people more.

Clare said...

It is true, once an alpha kid, always an alpha kid. Whether good or bad! :) Glad you're reading!

Mark said...

i read it too! and i'm in the picture! holy throwback :) they were good trips. very memorable. the conversation is very much missed. we need to have an adult reunion.

Mark said...

why did it call me mark?! i'm julie.