Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hollywoodland via Meg & Becca!

Last weekend, I got the amazing opportunity to go to Los Angeles to visit with dear friends from college. Becca lives there, and Meg traveled from Boston for us to have quite the girls weekend. We packed so much stuff into three days, that it would take a long time for me to list and share my thoughts on every single thing we did, so I bulleted the main highlights. I could talk for a page on each thing! But the weather was perfect, sunny, breezy and warm. Palm trees swayed, and the fires stayed away. It really was the City of Angels with the three of us there :)

Day One, Friday:
- Long Walk to Western Bagel breakfast
- Aroma Cafe lunch with Traci (brought new meaning to goat cheese)
- Menchies dessert (heaven in a cup)
- WB studio tour (Friends, Gilmore Girls, Mentalist, HP exhibit)
- Dinner at Jerry's Deli (odd pickled items)
- Diddy Riese (holy whoa for $1.50)

Day Two, Saturday:
- Breakfast at The Griddle (Meg/Becca's Ginormo Pumpkin Pancakes)
- Driving Tour of Los Angeles
- Buffy's House and Sunnydale High! (No David Boreanaz. Sad)
- Santa Monica Pier/Pacific Ocean
- Rodeo Drive/Whimsic Alley
- Gourmet to Go (Free carrot cake rocks)
- Barney's Beanery (Don't Stop. Believin!)

Day Three, Sunday:
- Free Starbucks (Thanks Paul)
- FIDM TV Costume Exhibit
- Hollyhock House/Ennis House
- Hollywood Sign
- Mann's Chinese Theater (Bruce Willis makes me giggle)
- Crepes for lunch!
- Walk of Fame
- Homemade pizza (Becca with a large knife)
- Apples to Apples
- Last stop to Menchies and movie (MMmmmm and ZZzzz)

Day Four, Monday:
-Failed attempt at Coffee Bean
- Airport drop!

Four things I didn't see/do in LA that I must go back for!
1) Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
2) Sprinkles cupcakes
3) Celebrity Sightings
4) Fire (morbid, but honest)

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