Friday, September 18, 2009

Flashback Friday: Teenage Bedroom

I have been ridiculously behind on my Throwback Thursdays, its that end of summer crazy schedules! But I am going to sneak one in here. I was about to say its not too much of a throwback, but then I did the math, and it was a good decade ago. My room was a band/movie poster mecca. Every inch of wall was covered. What wasn't covered with poster, was blocked by bookshelves BEYOND packed with books and shelves for all my pottery. My teenage bedroom was an art exhibit all in itself. If only I could get away with decorating like that now...although, I am pretty sure the crazy clutter would drive my OCD to off the charts stress.
I rather miss this room.

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DeMo said...

I could never get away with this much stuff on my walls when I was a kid. But my sister had New Kids on the Block posters on her ceiling.