Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Food! Part Four: Christmas Dinner.

Our lovely friend Jayson was forced to stay in Cedar Falls for the holiday, despite his family all being in Minnesota, so he joined us for the Christmas Day Dinner of prime rib. If you know me, I don't eat beef, but at this meal, even not eating the main course, there was NO shortage of food.

Not even my pumpkin pie! Cause pumpkin pie is gross. Monkeys chew up pumpkins and then spit them in the can to sell as pumpkin filling. Yup, that's what my daddy taught me as a small child, so it MUST be true! Icky!

This Frosty head has been at my grandparents ever since I can remember, they had a lot of decorations that i couldnt really play with growing up, but this one was near the back stairs, and we could twist his nose to hear the song play any time we wanted. Well, its been probably a decade, but I twisted that nose and tried to document the moment of nostalgia. Tim decided nostalgia was stupid and needed to butt in ;)

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