Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stockings Hung: Part two, Christmas Eve.

Step one of Christmas Eve Traditions: Gorge ourselves on appetizers and punch. Check. Grandma's meatballs this year, impeccable!

Step two: Open our stockings, always including toothbrushes and nail clippers. Grandma found the gloriousness of Amazon and bought dad an entire case of Bit O Honey online.
Step Three: Christmas Eve service. The past few years we have tried new churches. And none of them have candles. This torques me!

Step Four: Gift Opening with the Grandparents! This year was a new way of doing it. At Thanksgiving, Grandma gave out money with the instructions to buy our own gifts, wrap them up, and then bring them over to unwrap and show everybody what we got! It ended up working really well and was still just as exciting to see what everyone else got themselves.

Step Five: Total sillyness with the boys while the girls do real work! With food!
Step Six: Oyster stew dinner. And some other soup for those that don't enjoy soup with bugs in it. Red and green jello on the side. A must!
Step Seven: Dessert immediately following the gut busting dinner, so you might as well just subscribe to bulimia now. Homemade ice cream and a million cookies and bars. This year, add the joyous treat of watching Grandma ask Grandpa where the brandy was....for cherries jubilee of course ;)

Step Eight: Go home and pass out from a food coma, only to wake early the next morning for more insane awesomeness.

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