Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sayonara 2010!

New Year's Eve this year was quite the event. Or at least that's what my head told me the next morning, and in looking through the pictures, my head wasn't lying. It seems to have been controlled insanity, just the way a New Year's Eve should be! Tim was unable to celebrate with us though, as he was stuck working at the restaurant. So off I went to dinner with Julie, Ryan, Nate, Caleb, and Nick. Brown Bottle in Waterloo. Classier than pretty much all of us combined, but saved by the fact that any restaurant in Waterloo is instantly accepting of anyone, or they go bankrupt. As its Julie's utmost fave holiday, it's demanded that we dress up. Which I so totally don't mind, its a reason to be extra pretty! After dinner, we were to make a quick stop at Screaming Eagle, a wannabe/halfsie biker bar where women aren't afraid to show their rack assets, and men have mullets and are missing teeth. It was packed, but we ended up staying the whole night. Here is proof that we know how to start a new year right!Caleb totally knows how to rock the pocket square.
I feel like this picture rather describes the evening....

The whole shebang.
The cute quaint kiss.
The disturbing and totally scary one!

Good bye 2010!

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